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Taiwan Eco-Textiles: a Marriage of Fashion plus Function
Sustainable products are an integral part of the green consumerism as well as a key element to become a successful business in today’s very competitive global textile market.
International brands, retailers and manufacturers are taking long-term plans and actions to source and produce textiles that have the least impact on the environment and are made in a socially responsible manner. The Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) has been working in promoting Taiwan’s eco textiles for some time in order to establish the island’s leading position in the eco textile market after the successful precedent in the area of functional textiles.
After more than 60 years of development, Taiwan’s textile industry has evolved from a mass production textile supplier to a textile innovator equipped with a comprehensive yet integrated value chain. While traditional textiles still have an important share in Taiwan's textile output, the extraordinary performance achieved by local enterprises in the field of eco and multifunctional textiles has redefined Taiwan’s status in the global textile marketplace.
The core competencies of Taiwan’s textile industry lie in its R&D, technology and innovation. The industry is constantly introducing its new eco textile developments which combine high-tech, ecology, function and life aesthetics to give new definition to modern textiles.
The annual publication of Taiwan Eco Textiles serves is a compilation of the industry’s achievement in eco textiles for the past year. It serves as a valuable tool for those who are looking for reliable and determined textile business partners. More information on eco textiles in Taiwan can be found at eco.textiles.org.tw
We truly believe that the abundant innovation of Taiwan’s textile industry can contribute to our environment and ameliorate our daily life!
Taiwan: The Best Sourcing Center for Functional + Eco Textiles

Further to functionality, eco friendliness is now a textile DNA for Taiwan’s textile industry. Whether it’s material, manufacture process, technology, product or environment, our green-minded industrialists are working hard to make Taiwan the best source for eco and functional textiles.
Eco-friendly Textiles
Textiles using materials made from recycled waste such as post consumer plastic bottles and ocean waste and recycled biomass such as wood, leaves and food waste. Also including bio-degradable textiles which impose no burden to the environment.
Energy-saving and Carbon-reducing Textiles
Textiles appealing to the reduction of water/carbon footprint and energy consumption, e.g., textiles with functions like thermal, cooling and blood circulation enhancing.
Organic / Non-toxic Textiles
Textiles containing no environmental hormones; toxic-free and heavy metal free textiles; organic textiles; medical textiles.
Circular Textiles
Textiles using recycled post consumer textiles as materials and produced by way of reengineering, redesigning or redefining in order to drive resource efficiency, cut waste and prevent environmental pollution.
Green Processing
Textiles made by adopting a green process such as waterless dyeing, solution dyeing, normal pressure dyeing, etc.; or made via a production process with stricter than regular waste emission standards; or made in green/eco-labelled factories.
Textile Testing and Certification Services
Companies/organizations offering services in eco-labelling and certification, environmental testing, standards setting, etc.